Fitness Centers & Gyms

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Fitness Centers


People who use gyms and fitness centers regularly know that some are just better than others. With a good one, you look forward to working out. You feel engaged, enthusiastic. You exercise harder, and like it more.


The basics have to be there, of course—the right equipment, good ventilation and temperature control, proper lighting, well-defined spaces for different activities.

In addition to providing these minimum requirements, the best gyms are tailored to their clientele. Hotel guests who want to get in an out with a minimum of fuss. Senior citizens in a retirement community who use the facility as much for socializing as they do for exercising. Hard-core CrossFit enthusiasts looking for like-minded competition.

These clientele have different exercise goals, different philosophies. One gym does not fit them all.

Whatever your project—a general-purpose facility in a hotel or a giant, membership-based club with personal trainers and dining facilities—Comar Castle can build it.