What We Provide

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What We Provide

While every construction project has unique features and requirements, most have a few things in common. They operate within budgets. They follow schedules. Most important, they have great meaning to the party that initiates them.

Comar Castle believes they should also have great meaning to the party that builds them.

No matter the project, Comar Castle is guided by one principle above all others: Understand the client’s goals and make them ours.


Understand the Client

Why is the client undertaking the project?

What are the client’s objectives?

Is the client looking for a partner who can help explore possibilities? Is he a construction veteran who knows exactly what he wants and only needs a reliable party to execute? Is she somewhere in between?

We begin every project by asking these and other basic questions because we can't do our best job without understanding the answers. Wherever the client lies along this spectrum, Comar Castle can accommodate.


Own the Work

We treat each project as if we own it. Our aim is always to provide the best possible product given time and budget constraints. We do this because it’s just the right thing and because we believe it makes the most business sense. Our success depends on your happiness.