Sales & Leasing Facilities

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Sales & Leasing Facilities


As veterans of more than one Florida construction boom, Comar Castle’s staff knows how important sales and leasing offices are to the success of any development effort. It needs to create the right impression. It needs to convey a clear sense of the product. Clients need to feel comfortable. Staff need to be able to work efficiently. And of course the quality of the work needs to be impeccable.

Comar Castle has experience building sales and leasing centers for ocean front condominiums with units costing over a million dollars each in places like Bal Harbour, Hollywood, and Miami Beach. We have built model units and display centers at world-famous resorts and exclusive country club developments from Miami to Port St. Lucie.

It would seem self-evident that if you can build the actual final product, whatever that may be—condominium unit, single family home, commercial or retail space—you can build a sales center for that product. Not necessarily. Done right, a sales center can be a more effective sales tool than an actual finished unit (assuming one is even available). It can call attention to features that distinguish the property from other properties competing in the same market. It can compare floor plan and finish options in ways that highlight the advantages of more expensive packages.

So whether the goal is garnering interest in condominium units prior to construction, showcasing pre-designed tenant fit-outs for commercial space, or displaying floor-plan and finish package choices to prospective buyers in a new single-family home development, Comar Castle can take care of the construction so you can focus on the sales.