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County Clubs

Country Clubs


Rule number one of any country club construction project: club members always come first. Rule number two: never forget rule number one.

Comar Castle takes these rules to heart. We consider every member of the club our client. It’s a frame of mind with real-world applications. We smile and say good morning. We stop to let the golf cart pass. We keep the noise to a minimum. 

None of which should suggest any lack of urgency with regard to completing the work on time and on budget. As every board member knows, country clubs are not only places for members to relax and enjoy family and friends; they are also businesses. Even the most luxurious and exclusive operate within constraints of time and money. Boards want to provide members with the best possible amenities within those constraints. 

Comar Castle has played that course many times. We understand even the most informal and unassuming club isn’t just a place to hit a few balls and have a sandwich. It’s a kind of second home. It attracts people by the lifestyle it offers, the particular place it creates. Every aspect of a construction project should enhance that lifestyle and more deeply establish that sense of place.

Whatever your needs--cart barns, fine dining rooms, bars, commercial kitchens, pro shops--Comar Castle has the experience to help you navigate the construction process, avoiding the hazards and making the most of the possibilities.

A few things our experience has taught us about country club construction:

A fitness/wellness center is not just a fancy name for a gym. It’s a place people go become healthier, more fit, better able to enjoy life. The facility should support this effort.  Air conditioning must be sized and zoned properly to maximize comfort. Equipment must challenge the serious athlete without intimidating the beginner. Locker rooms should be welcoming, with an atmosphere that is both energizing and relaxing.


People take their cards seriously. A high quality card room needs ready access to restrooms (preferably within the card room itself). It needs facilities to make food service quick and easy. Acoustics should be engineered so that players don’t have to shout to be heard over the conversation at the next table. 


Making the cut for the US Open isn’t out of the question. Many clubs these days provide advanced golf training facilities that can accommodate both the newcomer who wants to learn the right way from the start and the scratch player looking to hone his or her game even further.  We have worked with the nation’s top golf instructors on world class facilities. We understand the intricacies of the technology used in these facilities and the importance of adherence to their specifications.