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The place a business conducts its operations—whether a professional office, a shoe store, a warehouse or a car dealership—can do much more than just keep the weather out while work gets done. It can create efficiency. It can energize employees. It can attract customers. It can instill confidence in investors. It can support the mission.

Comar Castle knows that. 

To create the right work space for a client, we begin by truly understanding the design. Not just what kind of foundation and how many door knobs, but what does the design—which is a representation of choices the client made for particular reasons—say about the business? We listen to the client, before and during construction. We gain insight into the client’s workflows, culture, values, and ambitions.

Why should any of that matter? Why don’t we just put walls where the drawings say and go our merry way?

Because construction is a fluid process. No matter how carefully considered the design, there is almost always room for improvement after work is underway. In fact, the work itself often reveals possibilities that weren’t apparent earlier. External events can create opportunities that didn’t exist just months before. Sometimes the contractor—through his experience, his engagement with subcontractors and suppliers—is in the best position to recognize these possibilities.

But only if he’s looking and only if he has some insight into the client’s business. Such insight allows us to offer solutions that make sense, and it can mean the difference between a final product that is merely acceptable and one that provides the best possible support for the enterprise.