Site Development

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Site Development


Site development is about a lot more than moving dirt.  It’s about using the site in the best possible way. It’s about making the site support your larger goals.

Successful site development requires understanding the complex interplay between earthwork, wet and dry utilities and road work—and how each of those items can best contribute to the final product. For projects seeking LEED certification, site development decisions can be particularly critical.

Site development has great potential for value engineering. Comar Castle approaches the site with the entire project in mind, always considering how different choices will affect later construction. That kind of thinking often results in cost savings not just on site particular items, but on other aspects of construction as well.

We have relationships with many of south Florida’s top consultants, engineers and design firms. We have the expertise and management know-how to provide a site that works seamlessly from the underground infrastructure to the tops of the tallest trees.