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With years of experience in the multi-family residential market, we have the expertise to handle all your construction needs—from annual maintenance to unit turns to new construction, from garden-style to mid and high rise, from low-income community developments to class-A oceanfront.

We understand the unique requirements of apartment owners and property management companies and how to best help each of them achieve their objectives. We know how to minimize disruption to occupants, and we will work to help owners achieve the maximum return on their investments.



Major Mid and High-Rise renovation presents challenges not found in new construction of the same types, particularly if the building is occupied. What’s the best way to load material? How do you manage competing demands for elevator access? How do you communicate on an ongoing basis so that residents feel comfortable with what you’re doing in their home? Comar Castle has the experience to properly manage these and many other challenges in a way that minimizes stress on residents without sacrificing schedule or quality.



Without strong leadership, construction projects at large garden-style properties can quickly get out-of-hand. Efficiently managing multiple trades working simultaneously over twenty acres takes organization and knowledgeable supervision.

Project delivery can play a big role in how the construction is perceived by residents. Should buildings or units be completed and turned over for use from front to back? Vice Versa? What’s the best way to maximize how quickly units can be put on-line while minimizing disruption to other residents.