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A frequently used estimate for the cost of ingredients at a given restaurant is 35%. That means for every twenty dollars a diner spends, thirteen dollars buys something other than the food. What? Is it convenience? Exceptional food quality? Unique menu items? Ambiance? The staff? The sum of all these parts?

The answer to that question can mean the difference between success and failure. A restaurant owner undertakes construction for a reason, probably many reasons. To enhance the atmosphere. To improve the efficiency of the kitchen. To take better advantage of the features that differentiate it from competitors. To make the most of its strengths. To help define its identity.

Comar Castle’s staff has built restaurants and high-volume commercial kitchens at fine hotels, exclusive country clubs and world-famous resorts.  

We have the experience you need to keep costs under control while maintaining the integrity of your vision.

We know that when it’s all said and done, you want the same thing from us that your clients want from you: To relax in the knowledge that people who know what they’re doing will provide the experience you're looking for.