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Renovation is to new construction what rebuilding a classic car is to rolling a new model off an assembly line. There are more unknowns. Problem are solved less often on the drawing board, more often in the field. You have to navigate more blind curves.

Comar Castle specializes in renovation.

Our people have managed projects ranging from simple upgrades and repairs to complete overhauls. We have moved partition walls to redefine relatively small spaces and we have gutted entire high-rise condominium and hotel buildings with hundreds of units. We have replaced a few bad risers and we have completely removed and replaced all MEP and life-safety systems. We have done fifty thousand dollar projects and we have done fifty million dollar projects.

Our experience has taught us how to manage the uncertainty inherent in renovation. We can often anticipate where the conditions that contracts refer to as “unforeseen” are likely to arise, so that they can be taken into consideration during planning. We know when exploratory demolition makes sense and when it doesn’t. We consider different possibilities and obtain pricing from subcontractors prior to awarding contracts to control change related costs. We sequence work to balance efficiency and flexibility.

The net result of our experience: better work, done more quickly, for less money.