Construction Management as Agent

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Construction Manager as Agent


In the Construction Manager as Agent model, the CM works for the owner in much the same way as the architect would, providing consultation and management services, usually for a fee. The owner contracts directly with whatever subcontractors are required to complete the scope of work. The CM may, if the owner chooses, manage the subcontractors—and the project in general—but contractually, the CM does not sit between the owner and subs.

In this relationship, the CM typically provides estimating, scheduling, sequencing and constructability services to the owner, as he would in an at-risk relationship.



Typically gives the owner the most control over a project

Easier to begin construction prior to having  complete construction documents

Strong alignment of owner and CM interests



Takes more effort to keep chain of command clear

Owner has to manage multiple relationships rather than one

No single party to hold accountable for construction defects, performance issues or cost overruns